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Raw Branding is without strict guidelines or repetitive composition. Key values are based around comprehensive design and adaptable ideas.


This is our personal case study. Our design concept started with a colour scheme which then layed out our vision. The colour scheme we chose was purposely neutral - we wanted Raw Branding to be modern and accessible to all. Our clients are creatives and entrepreneurs so demonstrating different techniques within typography, animation and design is important to our brand. We created Raw Branding in order to step outside of the mold of everyday business websites, however, if you asked us for one we will definitely deliver with a few quirks!

The following is an overview of our brand and how we utilised our initial color palette to weave a thorough design concept. Raw Branding is a unique fingerprint we created to, hopefully, inspire and connect with our audience.

four glass rectangles with different textures with the raw branding logo inside becoming more and more squiggly
three pannels with patterns on the right and our service offerings on left including graphic design and branding development, marketing and design, and website development A glass blob on a black background that is one of the symbols of raw brandingthree phones next to each other to demonstrate out capabilities with responsive design, one of them with a variety of lettering and typography and the other two with one of our about page versions where is states a paragraph about our branding and design company and below it gives a description of the graphic designer and web developer a desktop design of the about page for our website for raw branding with a mobile version within it to demonstrate responsive design and a description about raw branding and our design methodologyflowers, glass cogs and flower shadows assembled on a black background that represent our brand and are interlinked throughout the website creating a consistent theme they are very core to our raw branding design and aesthetic

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