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The idea behind Raw Branding comes from its core meaning, which is something being in its natural state - unprocessed and pure. This concept is important to us as it signifies our core vision, which is that no matter what project we come across, it will be completely true to its identity. Each project - each new client - has its own natural state, and we stay true to that.

Raw Branding title image with custom vogue fontA mobile phone image with the about us page minimised inside of it that floats underneath the two glass blobst are transported on top of the page over the phone image creating a 3D feel
A flower that expands and contracts while scrolling demonstrating website design

The team behind Raw Branding is the perfect mix of left and right brain. Our graphic designer is a talented artist that uses a variety of different mediums to help her constantly adapt to new design structures. Our web developer is a multi-faceted academic who has an eye for detail and many years of business experience.

Faces behind raw

Graphic designer written in glass letters and custom font for our brand

Maria Andreev - Jack of all trades and master of some - Maria has always been interested in all aspects of design from illustration, graphic design to sculpting and carpentry. She has done it all. Digital design has been her bread and butter since she started messing around with photoshop making myspace content. After graduating from the George Brown graphic design program in Toronto - she ultimately honed in on her skills as a freelance graphic designer and used those skills in a myriad of challenging projects. Now she is using her years of experience to elevate and tell your brand's story. Take advantage of her knowledge in digital art, typography, video design and animation!

Web developer written in glass letters and custom font for our brand

Alex Oumn - Has worked in a variety of industries ranging from auction houses and galleries, to hospitality as well as qualifying as a lawyer in Ontario. She has remained with a strong passion for product creation, business strategy and user experience. Alex started playing with front-end development four years ago and fell in love with the craft. Her passion for product management, brands and coding pushed her towards working on Raw Branding.

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